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Rude Mechanics                         Appropriation 

Shakespeare and The Zombie Plague of 1590


march 25, 2019
Shakespeare and the zombie PLAGUE of 1590

By Richard R Henry and Eric Hissom 

READING, Playroom Theater, NYC

Eric Hissom SAG/AEA




A true repertory actor, playing clowns and kings and everything in between at some of the most prestigious theatres in the country. Also, a director, teacher, and playwright; his newest play, Rude Mechanics, is currently being considered for production at several major theaters.

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"Petruchio’s servants Grumio (an indefatigable Eric Hissom)..."- DC Metro Theater Arts

Recent Reviews

"Hissom succeeds in convincing us, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that he IS a Bengal Tiger...."- Theater Review Gazette.Net

"In a cast with nary a weak link, Eric Hissom’s Mr. van Daan stands out as a personal favorite. ... "- DC Theater Scene

"Hissom’s performance is a wonderfully fluid account of Watson: He’s loose and deceptively low-key yet wound tight enough to snap..."- The Washington Post

eric hissom

actor - director - playwright

march  29. 2019

By Eric Hissom


Arena Stage, Washington DC

march 1 - april 14, 2019

by Aaron Posner

Directed by Aaron Posner 

Arena Stage, Washington, DC